Founder & CEO
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Professional Training & Coaching

I have a huge passion for mindset and transformation works quite a bit with highly motivated individuals who just want to kick their challenges to the curb. By connecting with your highest vibrational deepest values and aspirations crystallize their vision, and to easily and quickly create the lives they wish to live.

“My mission is simple. I help individuals gain work-life balance and live life on their terms. Whether personal or business issues, I help people build relationships with others and their teams to achieve positive, lasting change.
I will help you make your life extraordinary by regaining self-love, self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence with vigour and energy.”


Hello, I’m Dee.

As your mindset strategist, I am very driven and dedicated to you…to reclaim your self-empowerment and self-love. You are not meant to be mediocre and just existing!!

I am enthusiastic about holding your hands, so that you can liveyour marvellous and visualise your dreams daily.My vision is unlimited, strategic, passion is contagious, delivery is candid and my style is FUN.
I know too well how your inner voice plagues your mindset, plays on your inner doubt or feelings of not feelings good enough that keeps holding you back from your confidence and relationships.
It can be exhausting and soul crushing as I’ve been there and I did loose myself at one point for which I had to regain control of the driver’s seat, shift from passive to being proactive and fully engage my mindset to avoid burnt out into re-establishing and crushing my goals.

I myself have overcome the limiting beliefs, the self-sabotage and the difficult emotions we can all face. Finding the path from frustration and overwhelm to passion and purpose was something that took me from my successful career in management, into the world of coaching.

I know exactly how it feels to be in your shoes

I’ve gone from feeling stressed, confused, unfulfilled and unmotivated to moving to discovering my true vocation and masterminding my business that each day cannot come soon enough to make the impact I’m now making in changing both my life and that of others in a huge way.

Have you had days where you’re only just going through the motions and have lost your mojo?

Do you have that nagging voice inside your head which confirms you’re meant to do bigger things and you really don’t know where to begin?

I had the nagging voice and I had lost my mojo. I was totally burned out and needed to make some radical changes, immediately.

I will be your confidant and sounding board when difficult decisions need to be made for which I am prepared to guide you whilst sharpening your mindset skills. You will be motivated and no doubt want to remove the blockades that poses extreme nuisance in your way.

Life is short and you need to have that lightbulb moment that sets you on the path to achieving pure brilliance. PRONTO!

Making the transition was one of the hardest journeys of my life. I now work with others making similar transitions and facing similar challenges to help guide them and provide the structure to succeed.

My history/experience/story

Your bold, courageous life is waiting for you.

I haven’t always lived my purpose.

I haven’t always had power and been in control of my life and my career.

I have faced many of the limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviour and difficult emotions that you might be facing now.

And that’s why I’m here.

I worked for many years in a management position in the hospitality industry, feeling burned out, unappreciated and like I wasn’t living my purpose.

By appearances, you seem to be keeping up with the Jones’s, looks good on paper, very articulate, high rolling career and successful by your impersonator archetype.


Behind the glittering light, there’s massive stress both at work and your personal life, exhaustion, the feeling of overwhelm, lack of energy and thousands of thought in your head to just give in.  Yes, give in now… this moment. I had to push through all the doubts, fears, lack of confidence and self-worth.Rippled with feeling like a biggest failure to mankind however despite not thinking objectively you surmise there might be more meaning to life than you’ve previously experienced.

What does this mean for you?

Faced with an underwhelming future, I set about finding and following my passion and creating a life I wanted to live, not one within which I simply existed.

I found the world of self-development and then coaching and everything changed for me.

It’s now my passion and my pleasure to help others to find their purpose and to create the life they desire.

Possibly there just might be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I searched to find it in the quest to create a clear laser focus vision with that brings inner happiness, fulfillment and commitment.

For years, I’ve delved into coaching techniques and strategies that can free you from limiting beliefs and a limited existence. I used these to craft my own life, to follow my passion and to escape my unfulfilling hospitality and finance career.

Your beliefs are so powerful for which they can directly influence your relationships, your level of success and happiness.

I now use these techniques and strategies to transform the lives of my clients.

To master your mind, you declutter, rid yourself of the external noises holding space to believe that you deserve a balanced, enriched, extraordinary,meaningfulness and a heart-centered journey of life.

Do you know what it feels like to live a life you don’t enjoy, a life you don’t feel you deserve and to feel like there’s no way forward to change it for the better.  What does it takes to find the right path and to make the necessary changes to live the life you want and to achieve your goals.

I’m a life coach because I understand the power of coaching.It’s transformed my life and I know it can transform yours too.

What I do

As a certified professional life coach, NLP and Time line practitioner, I’m eager to strengthened your mindset to the healthiest version it can be, to a total transformation.

I use proven coaching techniques and NLP to support you to overcome these sorts of challenges and to create the life you want.The purpose is to elevate your being with solid foundation and strategise how to achieve outstanding outcomes that will be noticeable from even the first session of coaching.

In 121 coaching, I partner with my clients and immerse myself in their world to provide tailored and ongoing coaching, guidance and support. 

Are you prepared to be better than you were yesterday?

If so,

It will take a massive amount of commitment, stamina to reshape and recondition your reality. It requires work by You, at times very uncomfortable but in the end..gratifying.

You’re stress, has high demands at work, faced with challenges, meeting deadlines, focus and not prioritising your task, once you are willing to do the work, I can help you! If you truly want to create better results without excuses, get absolutely clear on the results you desire while minimising your limitations.

With group coaching I use the collective power of the group to deliver results to all attendees that exceed their expectation.

Above all else, what I really do is provide the structure, the support and the tools to transform your life from where you are now to where you want to be.

Why work with me

There are 3 reasons why my clients work with me and why you may wish to work with me.

I understand where you might be

We all face our individual challenges in life. We may lose a loved one, a job, struggle with health or have low confidence. Whilst the specifics of the challenges you face may change, the principles remain. Whatever your current circumstances, you will be dealing with emotions, situations and beliefs that can be understood and then resolved with the power of professional coaching.

I know how to get you where you want to be

I know what it takes to overcome limiting beliefs, emotions and self-sabotage. I know what it takes to realise your potential. I also know what doesn’t work.

Much of my coaching work is centred on my own experiences and success in personal transformation. If you want to learn how to do something, you should always learn from those that have achieved the result you desire.

I believe in you

Part of the professional coaching process is belief. I believe in you. As someone that has taken the time to seek help and guidance to improve their life, you are demonstrating a strength of character that means with the right guidance you will succeed.

This is my passion

Coaching is my passion.

I coach because I’ve overcome many of the issues you may be facing and I know the joy to achieve life transformation.

Now I want that for you.

In my darkest days I longed for more flexibility and fulfilment but constantly felt as if I was always stuck in a jar with a tight lid and couldn’t get out, suffering frequent burn-outs and constant overwhelm.

Have you ever had unfavourable interactions with your superiors, telling you when to have your lunch break and when it was fit to go on holidays.

Have you suffered lacklustre relationships and a lack of support from your peers? Not only do your peers not support you, they look to you for support whilst offering nothing in return.

This was just a part of my life and I was miserable.

In 2010 with a series bouts of low mood, I was frustrated as I knew there was more to myself. I finally got a wake-up call, booked a flight to a women’s conference to the US, on my quest to connect to thought leaders and have a group of women to support me.

I am a huge believer in stepping out of your comfort zone even if it feels a bit uncomfortable as you can accomplish anything that you set your mindset to do.

I came to realise that, I have ONE life to live, and constantly living a burned out state of mind needed to stop.

Needing to reshape my life suddenly became non-negotiable.

Suffice to say, the conference in the US was a miracle moment changer and then I decided I wanted to change profession and be a life coach. I returned to the UK, immersed myself in all the personal development books they were, attended the seminars and started networking. It was a thorough 360 degree turn in the direction of my life.

I refocused my energy into and adapting the right frame of mind, I renewed my passion and the decision that I started to now make were very much indicative of my desires. I was now in alignment to achieving my greatness.

I rebuilt my own confidence and rediscovered my capabilities in achieving my life’s vision, mission and goals.  I was determined to design a lifestyle that gave me that flexibility and fulfilment I yearned for. And now I have it.

This is why I coach. This is why coaching is my passion. This transformation is what I can achieve for you.

With my help you can overcome whatever stands in your way to achieve pure brilliance.