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I approached Dee as I was struggling with many aspects of my life. I needed an escape route in finding myself, passion and purpose. Deeextraordinarily gave support where I discovered my true potential, have a concise focus on what I truly desired for my life, relationships and career. ...
Jackie Hall
Dee is very thorough, made every attempt to ensure you really understood what your goals are and what you want to achieve with your life. She is very thoughtful and made the process completely stress-free! Dee embodies professionalism, authenticity and unconditional love. She created a space where I ...
Ramon Grant
Dee’s support was very instrumental in me finding direction that I needed to regain my authentic self and align my passion with my goals. Her warm yet energetic persona was inviting and I am pleased with the results since my initial connection with her. I was feeling stuck ...
Sasha Brown
Hi Dee, thank you for being superwoman and looking out for me. It means the world to me, it really does. You are the best and I cannot thank you enough. God blessGod bless
Hello Dee,Thanks you for your recent email and the hard work you are doing in the local community and world wide!I would be happy to have a mobile talk with you shortly.Please let me know your availability dates and times so we can arrange it at your earliest convenience.Many thanks,
Dee bounds into Jobwise Training with tons of energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and professionalism. Our learners instantly warm to her professional and approachable style. Dee is able to engage with all our learners, including those we consider more hard-to-reach. I have enjoyed observing her relevant and thought-provoking lessons.Louise ...</span></div></div><div class=
Louise GrimmettTraineeship Manager at
Jobwise Training

Coach Dee Burrowes is a life coach in a Million and I really mean that. She is proficient in what she does and has you at the very forefront of her coaching.

She is a life coach that really makes a difference. She will work with you on all facets of ...

Jules O'ShileLifestyle Management Consultant
The Creative Lifestyle Group

Her extensive background in finance, management, strategy/analysis and executive life coaching gives her an exceptional ability to help improve people’s lifestyles and professional careers.

Her techniques guide people to take certain actions to produce incredible results and advance people’s lifestyles. Aside from being an amazing communicator and expert strategist, Dee is ...

Gabriel Oria - Owner & FounderAperture Media

The money workshop I completed with Dee was nothing short of eye opening. Her teachings gave me the chance to address money issues I never even knew I had. I especially loved the practical advice she gave, we weren’t just told what to do in theory but we were given ...

Philo NewtonPrinciple Event Consultant

Dee Burrowes is a truly inspirational life coach and uplifting individual. She combines an insight into what is best for her clients with practical everyday solutions to improve all areas of your life. Her M.I.N.D.S.E.T. acronym is the introductory key to her brilliance. Discover for yourself.

F LynchCorporate Tax Lawyer