Why coaching?

Professional coaching is one of the most effective ways to affecting change and seizing control in your own life.

Far from traditional “self-help” and more effective than using your friends and family as counsel; coaching is the unbiased, scientifically backed way to change your life.

It’s also proven. 

Coaching has been proven to help with: 

  • Confidence
  • Self Esteem
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership
  • And more

Whatever the issue, using a professionally qualified life coach is a powerful way to become unstuck and to move forward in your personal or professional life.

What is coaching?

What exactly is coaching?

Coaching supports us close the gap between where we are and where we want to be. It helps unlock our potential and achieve what we want to achieve to improve an aspect of our lives.

Without clearly defined goals, we can often be unsure where to focus our efforts and channel our energy, which prevents us achieving what we want to achieve and have the success we strive for.

Through a series of challenging and thought provoking discussions, coaching can help us understand what’s really important to us and enable us develop a greater awareness of what makes us tick. It helps us gain clarity and empowers us to ultimately set and achieve meaningful goals.

My immersion into personal development, mental health, mindset and spirituality catapulted in the growth of a powerful motivating mission for individuals to take their greatness to the next level of life, relationships and business.

Coaching is the implementation of a master plan to achieve your goals which are designed to focus on each client’s needs. Coaching is tailored to your needs in person, over the phone and or skype.

During each session, you can expect to be asked thought provoking and insightful questions; listened to in confidence in a non-judgmental environment; challenged in your current way of thinking to remove limiting beliefs, locate and address unhelpful thought patterns; encouraged to identify and draw on strengths, and be empowered to take relevant action through improved focus and clarity.

Coaching assumes we have the answers within and so I won’t provide advice or guidance but I will provide support and encouragement through insightful questioning and meaningful feedback.

Coaching has the power to change your life and to achieve pure brilliance.

Why coaching works

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”

Bill Gates

Life coaching can have negative connotations for some people.

It can be seen as an intangible and unregulated industry of unqualified individuals dispensing unqualified advice.

Although the industry is as yet unregulated, the majority of coaches are certified and have years of proven practice and results.

There are also incredible success stories from coaching – especially in the world of sports.

Whilst there certainly are some less than capable and unqualified members of the coaching community, working with the right coach will always work.

When it comes to changing your life and reaching your potential you have three choices:

  • Choice 1 - Coaching.

    Use a professionally trained and unbiased person who is there to guide and support you and has the proven techniques and ability to deliver results. Your progress towards your goals can be monitored and your actions adjusted along the way.

  • Choice 2 - Do it yourself.

    You can take the route of self-discovery and independent learning. This will be a long and fulfilling process, but one which may have setbacks along the way. With no outside forces holding you accountable your progress may plateau.

  • Choice 3 - Friends & Family

    You can rely on friends and family to provide you with advice and support. Some of these people may be struggling with the issues you face or they may have overcome them. With no clear structure and accountability, you might once more find that your progress may plateau.

Personal and professional coaching are the right choice to positively change your life, to take control and to make the progress you want to make.

Why not coaching?

Professional coaching has been proven to work for many years in the world of sports and in recent years the notion of life coaching to help individuals and business people has become increasingly more accepted.

But why does coaching work?

There are 3 principle reasons that explain why coaching is so effective.

It’s unbiased

Professional coaching is provided by an “outsider” to your life who has a vested interest in your success. This means you will be presented with an honest and unbiased viewpoint which can help you to overcome the limiting beliefs, self sabotage and circumstances you face. It also means you can be held accountable to ensure you make progress.

It’s focuses on behavioral science – not theory.

My coaching uses Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP recognises the correlation between your thought processes and your behaviours. Amended thought patterns can amend behaviours and this is the primary focus of coaching and of NLP. You change your life by changing your behaviours and you change your behaviour through changing your thinking.

It’s based on research.

NLP and coaching have been tried and tested over many years. Coaching is a factually proven way to increase your performance, realise your potential and achieve the life you desire.